How Much Can I Claim for a Cosmetic Burn Injury?

If you suffer a burn or another injury following a laser hair removal treatment you may be wondering two things. One, whether you can make a claim for compensation and two, how much you are likely to get if you are successful in your claim. Since every person is different and every burn incident is different, it is very difficult to say for sure how much money you can expect from a personal injury burns claim. But there are certain factors that affect how much money you receive.

What You Can Claim for a Burn

It is important to remember that every burn case is different, and every cosmetic burn case is different. How much you claim will depend on a large number of factors. Burns are often difficult to attach settlement amounts to since they are largely unpredictable in how they affect the body. A burn may result in extensive scarring, or not. A burn may affect the face or the body. A burn may cause psychological damage.

That said, there are various things you can consider in your claim that affect the compensation amount. You can claim for general damages, which includes the pain and suffering you experience as a result of the injury. You can claim for special damages, such as money to cover financial outgoings like medical care costs, travel costs, loss of earnings, and loss of earning capacity.

Different Types of Burns Claims

It is not easy to classify burns into different categories since there are so many factors to take into consideration. And laser hair removal burns be severe or less severe depending on the extent of the exposure to the laser and the intensity of the laser treatment. Within the entire category of burns claims you have a wide spread of different reasons to claim, from scalding hot drinks being spilled on a person to food served too hot in a restaurant. From burns due to chemicals to burns that occur after faulty electrical equipment has caused electrocution or fire.

Making a Cosmetic Burn Claim

Since people experience burns very differently, both emotionally and physically, it is hard to know whether you have a claim or how much you can expect without consulting a professional. A cosmetic surgery or laser hair removal burns lawyer will be able to advise you on both counts and let you know whether you should press forward with a claim. Compensation amounts vary widely and to have a better idea of the amount you can expect it is wise to consult an expert.

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