When you are going through a divorce, chances are that you are already looking for a lawyer and you might have found a few that you are interested in hiring. In order to ensure that you have found the right person and that you have an effective first meeting, you must ask the lawyer all the right questions. This requires that you be prepared. Here are some of the most important questions that you must be sure to ask your divorce attorney during your initial consultation.


It is important that you know how much you will be billed for services received. This can be a flat fee or an hourly fee. Considering that sometimes divorce can take years to finalize, it is essential that you understand the financial implications that you are getting yourself into.

Ask the attorney if you will be expected to foot any other bills apart from the fee that you are paying them. For instance, you might be charged separately for filing fees, expert witnesses or court reporter fees.

Procedure to follow

Each state has its own procedures that one is meant to follow when filing for divorce. Ask your attorney what the procedure in your state is. This will prepare you psychologically to know what is up ahead. It will also help you know how much time commitment you should expect to put in. this is important if you work on a regular basis and have a tight schedules.

The lawyer should also be able to approximate how much time it will take for the divorce to be finalized, depending on the complexity of your situation.

Child custody

If you had children in your marriage, one of the main things in the case will be deciding about the children’s custody. If you and your partner failed to agree amongst yourself about the custody, then this will be decided by the court. Establish what it is important for the judges to consider when it comes to determining custody.

It is also important that you know which issues you should definitely insist on and which issues are not such a big issue, so that you can compromise on them.


Ask the lawyer what kind of experience they have handling such cases. Also find out if the firm they work for specializes in handling divorce cases or they handle a large percentage of divorce cases at their firm.

It is also essential that you know the kind of case load that the lawyer has. If they are handling toomany cases at the same time, they might not be able to devote the attention required to your case and this might affect your chances of winning. Therefore, a lawyer with a low case load is the best option.


Ask the lawyer how often they get in touch with their clients to update them about their case and what means of communication they prefer to use. It is also important that you know how you can contact the lawyer when you need to get in touch with them. It should be easy to get in touch with the person when you need to.

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