Why Local Solicitors Hate Mediators

Lawyers, the very sound of the word makes me shudder, so often it is heard pronounced with an air of disdain and disgust. They are notorious for profiting from other people’s misfortunes, and their reputation as blood-sucking parasites is not unearned. It’s obvious why when you think about it. They are only needed when two parties are in an argument or when someone is having trouble with the law, when these things happen they step in, and do what they do best; drag the problem on for as long as possible and rack up exorbitant fees. Paid hourly of course! What incentive does he have to find easy solutions when every minute his bank account is accumulating more and more wealth. Why would he ever want to say “Hey, why waste your money, we both know roughly what the law is and how this case would probably go. So let’s sit down with the other side, and find a solution which works for everyone”. Because you see, that solution would not work for him.

People, often the most unfortunate in society, are completely dependent on them, and they know it! People don’t know how the law works, which arguments are without merit and which arguments actually have legal grounds, so they have know idea what’s going on apart from what their solicitor says, they are totally reliant on him for all their information. So of course he will say that you need to take this case to court.You can try to visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediation for more information on it.

So what is there to do? since lawyers so obviously have their own agenda, which is in conflict with that of their clients, is there any way for the common man to resolve issues without them? Or is anyone who finds himself in a legal conflict, doomed to grin and bear it as every passing hour lightens his wallet?

Of course there is another way, for anyone clever enough to look for other options, a cost effective mediation service can resolve issues without the need for a lawyer. A mediator is well versed in the law and can tell both sides straight out what the likely outcomes of the case are, he will then try and find common ground between the parties and find an agreement beneficial to everyone. It’s a win win.

Except for the solicitors of course, they are the only losers here. Which is why they hate mediators, every case that is resolved by a more cost effective mediation service is another case which they were unable to exploit, a missed opportunity to make even more money. How I would love to see a lawyer’s face when his client calls him up and tells him his services are not needed, a sweet revenge against a hated profession.

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