5 Reasons a Smaller Law Firm Can Be the Perfect Choice

A seemingly endless list of legal specialties and large, full-color ads might catch your attention when it comes to finding the right law firm, but they may not be the best choice for representation. Smaller firms can be more accommodating with a few specifics of time, customer service, and availability. Below are five reasons to take a closer look at smaller firms for your case.

Designated Specialties

Many larger law firms tend to pool specialties within the group of attorneys to provide what they term as comprehensive legal services. They do attempt to match clients with an attorney that can handle your particular case, but you may end up with the attorney with an open spot on the calendar. A tight schedule in no way reflects on their skill, but it might not be the best fit for your case. Small firms are clear and upfront about their experience and areas of expertise.

Flexible Scheduling and Availability

It can be easier dealing with a small law firm if you have an extremely restrictive business schedule or other commitments that are tough to work around. Smaller law firms are often more flexible with working outside of typical work hours. There are many times you can even contact someone after hours, which larger firms have you leave a message and get back with you at their convenience. This works for many people, but you might want to consider the added potential for flexibility in a small firm if this is needed.

Prioritized Client Treatment and Attorney Access

The number of clients represented by small firms is reasonable. You will not be represented by the attorney of a small firm unless they feel they will be able to give the quality time and attention the case deserves. You will rarely be shuffled off to a legal “team” member unless there is a need to complete paperwork that does not require the presence of the attorney. You will feel that your case is a priority for the entire firm. Trying to find out case updates from the attorney in a large firm can be complicated by their sheer lack of open time in the day.

Personalized Service

A smaller law firm will get to know you by name. They will be handling your case on a daily basis. The attorney will take the time needed to understand every nuance of your case. They will consider all ramifications of your case and offer the best advice possible. You will not normally feel rushed or that your case is not as important as others. Small firms put a great deal of emphasis on individualized handling of all legal matters. 

Drive for Excellent Customer Service

Large law firms maintain a large staff to ensure all duties are done timely, but you will not experience much of a level of personal service. Pleasing the client with excellent customer service means everything to a small law firm like the lawyers ar www.leversonbudke.com. This is one way they get referrals and continued business. They are less dependent on expensive advertising campaigns and keep things simple. They want people to recognize them for great legal services and expand their client base through providing value.

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