5 Ways to Know if a Criminal Defense Lawyer is Worth Hiring

Nobody ever desires to face criminal charges. But if you or your loved one, living in Abbotsford, BC, is facing assault or battery charges, you need a competent assault lawyer to advise you and represent you in court. Not every Abbotsford criminal lawyer has the same level of passion, commitment and experience in handling assault or battery charges. That’s why you have to pay attention to the following factors when you want to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

1. Does the lawyer fight passionately for clients?

A reliable criminal lawyer in Abbotsford  will work hard to see that your rights are well protected. This will be done irrespective of your financial status or whether you are guilty or innocent. This does not imply that everything will go on smoothly or that all decisions will subsequently be made in your favour. Whether an assault lawyer is representing someone that was involved in a street fight or a person who was simply trying to defend a friend from an attack, the desire to fight relentlessly for the client will be obvious.

2. Does the defense lawyer have a reputation for being committed, competent and ethical?

Reputable criminal defense lawyers usually have a relationship with other players in the criminal court system including cops, probation officers, prosecutors and judges. So sometimes they may exchange warm greetings with other “repeat players” in the court room. This usually works for the advantage of the defendant because the assault lawyer in Abbotsford can use the relationship with other players to obtain information that can help to reduce charges or even dismiss the case.

3. Is the lawyer focused on fighting for your rights?

A good Abbotsford criminal lawyer does not focus on absolving you of guilt. They are aware that you want them to believe that you are innocent. But instead of striving to establish your guilt or innocence, they are concerned with protecting your rights. So even if they can’t beat the case, they will ensure that you are given the least possible punishment. Good lawyers will use all their strength and resources to fight for you.


  1. Is the lawyer willing to work with a trained investigator to uncover all facts about the case?Most competent criminal defense lawyers will not accept everything they see in prosecution and police reports. After they are hired to handle a case, they will work with criminal investigators to verify all allegations. They will ask the prosecutor to hand over records about the case, visit the scene of the incident and talk personally to witnesses. They will also examine video recordings, pictures, and take statements.

    5. Does the defense lawyer spend time talking with their client?

    Good criminal lawyers are very busy people but they will take time to meet with their clients and talk about their case. They personally reply to text messages, emails and phone calls. A reliable Abbotsford criminal lawyer is aware that he has an ethical responsibility to talk to his clients and build a solid relationship with them.

    When you need to hire an assault lawyer to defend you against assault or any criminal charges in Abbotsford, take time to investigate the qualities of the lawyer. Be sure that they have a good rating when you assess them with all the questions listed here.

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