How to Avoid Penalties of False Accusation of Domestic Violence

There are mostly no witnesses in domestic violence accusations because of the claim that it happened in private. Sometimes the situation is even made worse by the fact that no mark of injury or violence is left, making it impossible to authenticate the claim. In fact most times you are left in the dilemma of who to believe. Ironically, many cases of domestic violence accusations are also false accusations.

The numbers of domestic cases that stem out of false accusations cannot be quantified even by the best lawyers in Las Vegas. In most cases the accusers rush to resolve the case before trial. Therefore cross-examination, which can help reveal their intentions, cannot be used. If you know you’re being falsely accused of domestic violence, get a family law attorney or even criminal defense attorneys Las Vegas who has experience in dealing with such cases.

How Will The Attorney Help You Prove That The Domestic Violence Accusation Against You Is False?

There are only two conditions under which you can be convicted for domestic violence case; you admit that you did the crime, or the prosecutor proves beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed you did it.

In the first, the prosecutor will be faced with the task of gathering and presenting evidence in court. The job of lawyers in Las Vegas is to find any missing link or connection and poke as many holes as possible to get proof or to prevent any evidence from being presented.  The criminal defense attorney Las Vegas will have to prove that evidence presented is not enough to prove that you’re guilty.

  • Police Records –the police will normally be the first to record statements from both the alleged abuser and the victim when alerted of a domestic violence case. Your lawyers work will be to contrast the police reports with the officer’s statements during cross examination. Depending on how aggressive the lawyer is, it may be possible for them to point out indications that there is doubt on what happened.
  • Photographs and other media evidence of injuries – the work of photographs or videos is to prove that there was injury. But that’s not enough proof of your guilt. Your lawyer can make it hard for the prosecutor to prove that indeed it’s you who caused the injuries.
  • Medical records –medical records, if any, are an important asset to the prosecutors’ case. But although they are proof that indeed injury occurred, the identity of the culprit is normally harder to prove solely from these. The best criminal defense attorneys Las Vegas can help disassociate you with the injuries.
  • Statements from witness – a majority of domestic violence cases always have the accuser as the primary witness. Good lawyers in Las Vegas can help shed light on any inconsistencies with their story.

Ultimately, the case of domestic violence is between you and the accuser. It’s either your word or theirs. You will have leverage over them if you let a good criminal defense attorney represent you in the case.

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