Injured In A Car Crash? Claim Your Compensation!

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic: in the immediate aftermath, victims are dealing with shock, any unfortunate injuries, the police and insurance companies. Even with a minor injury, costs can be enormous and moreover, in certain cases, the insurance premiums of vehicle owners can go way up. This regular expense can significantly affect the monthly budget and create serious problems over time. To make matters worse, a Toronto Sun April 2017 report pointed out that while Ontario had the “lowest number of accidents,” drivers in Ontario paid the highest insurance premiums in Canada.

Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident In Toronto:

After an accident in Toronto, the parties involved should take the following steps. The official Ontario website has more details and relevant forms.

  1. Drivers must not leave the scene of the accident.
  2. Depending on the damage, emergency personnel, police and insurance companies must be contacted.
  3. If and when safe, the parties involved should get out of the vehicle and take pictures and make sure to exchange information.
  4. When safe, drivers must move their vehicle to the side of the road.
  5. Drivers can record relevant information to have a clear memory later on. Sometimes details can be fuzzy because of physical and emotional trauma.
  6. Involved parties must call their insurance company as soon as possible.

After the call, a claims adjuster will act as a guide to help the legal claimant through the entire process. Note that the insurance company has to determine who is at fault. This enables the company to decide which property damage coverages are appropriate. The driver who is more than 25 percent at fault will almost certainly have his/her insurance premium go up.

Benefits Of Involving a Lawyer

After an accident, it is advisable to see a doctor. Even if parties involved feel fine, seeing a doctor ensures that there are no hidden injuries. If you do have injuries and they are relevant to the compensation you end up pursuing, the doctor will record these meticulously.

It is also helpful to consult a lawyer. Most workers compensation lawyers in Toronto also specialize in automobile accidents and offer free consultation – it never hurts to hear what a legal expert has to say. The legal representative will be experienced in applicable time limitations, which are often the deciding factor in these matters. The attorney can help with organizing relevant information with the help of a team of paralegals.

Lawyers are very useful when evaluating and defending claims of property damage and/or personal injuries. Attorneys can also advise on the amount of money that could or should be paid out to the injured party. It is often difficult to untangle the confusing cause and effect and chain of events surrounding an accident, so a clear headed lawyer who’s seen it all before is invaluable.

A competent lawyer can advise clients on the full scope of compensation that may be available to them and see that they are fairly represented. Attorneys will often take a percentage of the total compensation recovered as their pay, and it is therefore mutually beneficial for both lawyer and client to prepare the best case in their power.

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