Metabolism: Truth and Misconceptions

This article answers the question of why the metabolism of people is different and how to maintain it normally.

An Academic Paper about Metabolism

The word “metabolism” is often used in different conversations, but not everyone understands what the metabolism is and by how it functions. In order to understand this, click now provided a research about metabolism and on how not to harm the body when trying to change it. It is a good topic to cover in the essay, so read the article below and get ready to amaze your professor!

What Is Metabolism

First of all, you need to make an introduction of the topic to the reader and determine all necessary terms of the essay. Metabolism unites all the chemical reactions in the body. They occur continuously and include catabolism (the destruction of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to produce energy and “building materials”) and anabolism, which is the creation of cells or the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Our skin, nails and hair and all other tissues are regularly updated: to build them and restore them after injuries (for example, for healing wounds) we need “bricks” (primarily proteins and fats) and “labor” – energy. All this is called metabolism.

Under the word “metabolism,” the turnover of energy necessary for such processes is meant. Its costs for the exchange are calories that maintain body temperature, work of the heart, kidneys, lungs, nervous system. Metabolism can be divided into the main, which occurs constantly, including one during a sleep, and an additional one, associated with any activity other than rest. Metabolism is presented in all living organisms, including plants.

The Metabolic Rate

Also, it is crucial to mention the bond between the object of the research and popular culture because as we mentioned, people use this term without understanding. We often hear the expressions “slow metabolism” or “fast metabolism.” They often mean the ability to maintain harmony without restrictions in eating and exercise, or, conversely, the tendency to gain weight easily. However, the metabolic rate is reflected not only in visual appearance. People with fast metabolism for vital functions, such as the heart and brain, spend more energy than those, who have a slow metabolism. With equal loads, one person can have breakfast and lunch with croissants, instantly burning all the calories received, and the other will rapidly gain weight. This means that they have different rates of basal metabolism. It depends on many factors, many of which cannot be influenced.

Metabolic factors that are not amenable to correction are called static: they are heredity, gender, body type, age. However, there are conditions that can be influenced. Such dynamic parameters include body weight, emotional state, an organization of the diet, the level of hormone production, physical activity. The speed of exchange depends on the interaction of all of the above. If you correct the factors of the second group in a right way, you can accelerate or slow down the metabolism.

“Normal Metabolism”

The Internet is full of calculators that allow you to calculate the speed of your basal metabolism on the basis of only sex, age, and body mass index, but it is not so easy to find out the real number. Normal metabolism is one that provides all the body’s needs for energy and nutrients without the symptoms of health problems. It is when all the tissues are updated at a normal speed. Against the backdrop of pernicious standards of beauty, which promote the skinny body type, the opinion that slow metabolism is bad and fast is good was formed. However, a too fast exchange can also cause harm.

Sometimes an accelerated metabolism occurs when the hormonal status is disturbed and can lead to problems in the formation of bones and muscles in children and adolescents, weakening of immunity, stunted growth, menstrual cycle disorders, tachycardia, and anemia. In turn, too slow exchange leads to excessive accumulation of fatty deposits and the appearance of obesity, which can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

In the essay, you may mention that metabolism slows down with age: according to scientists, on 5% every ten years after 30-40 years. However, this is a very approximate, averaged estimate. The main causes are changes in the hormonal status, as well as reduced mobility and a decrease in muscle mass. Stressful situations, like pregnancy and childbirth, can also lead to changes in basal metabolism.

Change the Metabolic Rate on Your Own

This activity may be dangerous for the health, so you can add some information about this issue to your paper. It is worth to influence the metabolism only when it is damaged.

Healthy people often want to speed up the metabolism to eat what they like without worrying about excess weight and not spending days and nights in the gym. As we wrote, with rapid metabolism, more calories are burned in the state of rest. It can be speeded up, but the methods are not always safe or even legal. Drugs based on steroid hormones and some narcotic drugs produce a quick effect, but their use is associated with high medical risks and violation of the law.

Good Metabolism with Not Harm to the Health

Of course, good essay cannot exist without examples that will complement the main topic of the paper. When it comes to our issue, you can write that the increasing of daily activity and muscle mass can improve the metabolism. The more energy is expended during the day, the more calories the organism will burn in a sleep to restore its reserves. The World Health Organization recommends 75-150 minutes of intensive (or 150-300 minutes of moderate) aerobic exercise per week, which corresponds to the 7-8 thousand steps a day. Among the recommendations, there is performing strength exercises twice a week or more. Scientists also include a method of accelerating metabolism, such as monitoring the daily caloric intake. Of course, in order to achieve a new balance in metabolism and consolidate it, physical activity needs to be done regularly, and a new diet should be stable.

How Not to Damage the Metabolism

In order not to harm the metabolism, only two things are required: balanced nutrition and optimal physical activity. Grueling workouts, extreme diets or starvation can lead to the opposite of what you want. The organism includes a “reaction of survival” and begins to slow down the rate of exchange because it lacks the incoming energy. According to researchers, after a long starvation, a person begins to overeat first of all for a psychological reason: the subconscious “requires” to return in tenfold the amount that has been in short supply for so long. If we add to this the slowing of metabolism (and starvation slows down almost all metabolic processes), it becomes clear why after radical diets weight is so easily returned.

In the end of the paper, you need to make a conclusion about all the written above. For example, it is necessary to interfere the metabolism only if the endocrinologist diagnosed its defect and appointed a treatment, which you will carefully follow. It is worth remembering that beauty and the conventional “ideal figure” are not synonymous, and the race for imposed standards can harm health.

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