Motivational Estate Plans


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Perhaps some of your member of the family are not as inspired to make something out of their lives as you are. It is frustrating when that relative is a kid or grandchild who just can not appear to do anything with his or her life, who reveals no desire to go to college and get a degree that can land them an excellent task.

Requiring your child or grandchild to go to college is not an alternative.

Nevertheless, why not provide him or her an incentive to do so with an estate plan? There are numerous methods to do this. For instance, you could produce a Trust that takes care of tuition, and reverts to another person if the kid or grandchild does not register in school. Alternatively, you might create a Trust that gives the kid or grandchild an inheritance only if he or she graduates.

Steve Bliss Probate Attorney provides a will.

There are many different rewards that you can offer your member of the family in your estate plan. Kids and grandchildren who have no ambition are simply the suggestion of the iceberg. Talk to an estate planning attorney about other things you can do.

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