U.S. Family: Deportation Issue

Deportees Among US Families

Today, most US families have faced the challenge of deportation that grew into an arguable topic of nowadays.

Family is a significant factor of everybody’s life; it’s who you are, who you have become today. Therefore, the family has an important and different meaning to everyone: for some people, family is just the parents, sisters, and brothers.

For others, family may be a bigger than just parents and siblings; it may incorporate cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews. While this definition continues to disturb many people, a family in the United States found itself in great pain when they had to separate due to deportation. Therefore, this assignment seeks to analyze The New York Times article Pain of Deportation Swells When Children Are Left Behind.

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Following the deportation rule under the new U.S. President Trump, some families such as of Alejandro Cedillo found itself in great pain after some family members were to be left behind while others were to be deported.

To some people, the gold-green fields of Mexico seem to promise a decent living, but in places like San Simon, where there were incomplete concrete houses and the paved roads end weakly, poverty drives the occupants making them emigrate. Mr. Cedillo, among many others, was forced to go back to his motherland after deportation.

Even though a large number of people, including Mr. Cedillo were deported, some have voluntarily gone back to take care of their sick or elderly parents. Even though this might be the homecoming for some people, the consequences of their actions are never easy to cope with. For those who had children and they have left behind, it is complete agony to cope up with the new situation.

The new President of the United States is aggressive to enforce policies, including those of undocumented immigrants. For the first three months of President Trump’s reign, up to 40% of the undocumented immigrants have been deported. Mexico has actually been receiving a wave of returnees every month.

Things may seem not to work for the migrants following their deportation. They had in the past advocating for the job in the United States and now they are hopeless in their motherland with nothing to do for a living. Some had even stayed for over a decade in the United States, and they might have found their new life there. Despite the fact that Mexico is still receiving some aid from the United States, most of the victims feel that the deportation rule is a complete disaster to their livelihood.

Indeed, a good number of the Mexicans made their way into the United States during President’s Obama regime, and they had made their lives there. Since then, most family members have never reunited. As a result, some may have the taste of their cultures, especially the one who had never visited their families since they left for the United States.

The adjustments might be cumbersome for some while others may find it pleasing to reunite with their family member once again. Mr. Cedillo found that the payment he had received from the United States helped him to soften the hardship of his childhood. He was delighted to secure a job in a construction company in the nearby city Toluca, which has assisted him to build his own house.

In summary, family is a social unit living together and consisting of children and parents in many cases. As evident in this article, separation of family members is painful and hard to cope with. Even though some people just like Mr. Cedillo do leave their countries for better livelihood, it is crucial to raise children under their cultural customs. Once in a while, they should be visiting home and know their mother nations better. Rules vary from nation to nation and someone from another nation may not accept a rule in a different nation. Thus, it is appropriate to be on the safe side of the law because the consequences of breaking the law might be undesirable.

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