You Need A Good Lawyer For Brain Injury Cases

When you are on the road, anything can happen. There are motorbikes, cars and trucks on the road. If you are involved in an accident with any of them, it can result in serious circumstances. A brain injury can permanently throw you onto the bed. It can severely hamper your ability to work and earn bread and butter for your family. Brain injuries are unique. They can be of different types. It depends on the force as well as amount of force the brain suffers from. The injury can affect multiple areas of your brain. It may target one functional area or various areas. Let’s look at different types of brain injuries.


A concussion can result in considerable difficulties as well as impairments. They may last for a lifetime. A direct blow to your head in an accident can result in a concussion. Violent shaking of the head can also result in a concussion.  A concussion happens when your brain receives trauma due to an impact or a sudden force or change of momentum. As a result blood vessels in your brain suffer a stretch and your carnival nerves get damaged. A concussion may result in loss of consciousness. Even if the person remains conscious, he or she may feel dazed. It can result in fracture in the skull, bleeding in your brain and swelling in the brain. Due to all these complexities a concussion is also considered as a complex neurobehavioral syndrome. It can cause blood clot in your brain that can be fatal. Moreover, a concussion is not easy to heal. It takes lots of time, sometimes years, to heal.


It can be a result of a direct impact on your head. It is a bruise that is bleeding on your brain. If there are large contusions, they are surgically removed from your brain.

There are some injuries you don’t know about for some time. These can lead you to premature dementia as well as gradual deterioration of victim’s life. You may suffer from situations from which it can be really hard to recover.

These kind of lawsuits are to be filed in the court. A petition is to be filed with names of defendants. After that the plaintiff can start collecting more information through ‘discovery.’ It is a process through which you can collect opinions  of vocational experts and medical professionals. These experts offer conclusions about the extent of the harm inflicted on the person concerned. They also give a comprehensive assessment about in which way the harm can impact future of the victim. On the basis of which it is assessed whether the victim can return to his or her normal life or not. Whether the victim is completely disabled or not is assessed through the process. Experts also suggest any future care if needed. That’s why you need an expert attorney by your side in the midst of all these complications. Dan Christensen is an Austin brain injury attorney who specializes in brain injuries. He remains by victim’s side until he or she receives justice.

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